Ladang Ayam Serama Dengan Baka-Baka Terbaik Kelantan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The history and origin of Serama

There are no written records about the history of the origin of this Serama. Information is not official (public talk) says Serama are from Kelantan, Malaysia. Serama present the results of cross breeding with exotic birds, such as some forest birds, Bantam and Pigeon. Having done a lot of hybrids, the original chicken Serama been produced. Serama original breed is still rather undiscovered in the center of our poultry. It is the forerunner to the current breed. Serama today is derived from a cross breed that is done carefully. As the current trend of emphasizing the small size of serama, better , then the farmers are improving the existing breeds both about the size, characters, structure, beauty of the whole chicken.

commercial value of Serama

Serama available today are the result of cross breeding of various species, especially birds such as forest, dwarf Thai chicken and Bantan. Physical beauty, this chicken walks of life have been captured. In addition to the heart of its owner, it is very easy and inexpensive to maintain. It has been said that the chickens can not be assessed with money. There is a story told that there was a fan who refused an offer to sell his chicken with a blank check. However, the offer was rejected. Chicks of breed champions can be sold at RM1, 000 to RM2, 000 each while chicks are quite mature in between RM2, 000 to RM10, 000. The market price of chicken is called champions ranging from RM10, 000 to RM80, 000. However, there is no fixed price in the transaction. It all depends on negotiations between buyers and owners of the chicken.

This chicken can also be pet, pets the whole family. However, Serama prices are closely linked with weight categories. This is because serama are smaller, so more difficult to do the crossbred. In addition, the numbers a bit. Based on the factors that are causing the price to be expensive. We expect over time and use the results of research and development (R & D) of the chicken cross party support and corporate and government, the future of Serama will become more attractive and bright. We also hope that serama can be produced with more and cheaper to make it affordable for everyone. Potential as a family pet in this country is bright.


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